Ihorses – Horse Racing

The horse racing business is a serious venture worth thousands of cash. Different enthusiasts of the game are in the business for a number of reasons. Some wager in the races as a mere source of fun while others will wager as a way of boosting their income. If you are looking for extra income in iHorses betting, then you need to come up with a better strategy since you cannot afford to risk the little cash you have saved. The following is a guide on placing iHorse long shot bet. The long shot bets are not fancy to everyone but it can be a great way of boosting your capital only if you make the correct choice.

For you to win in the long bets, you will need to gather adequate information on the racing track, jokey and the horse among other factors that basically influence the race. The information can be found online forums, magazines and newspapers. Wagers who conduct a little research before placing their bets have improved chances of winning compared to others who gamble blindly. Avoid betting on all races regularly even though you might boast of high experience. Not even the seasoned wagers can boast of ability of winning long bets constantly. A winning to losing ratio of 1:5 is normal. The longshot bets are commonly placed on the underdog horses.

There is no big difference between horse racing and gambling since both of them require research, patience and reasoning when placing your bet. Before placing your bet, ascertain to go through several betting sites and journals that have information on the race you are wagering. iHorse long shot bet can be placed on the favorites but the disadvantage happens to be the reduced ROI gamers reap from the wagering. Take the records of the horses that are racing and gather their history. Look at the previous winnings. Past performance can help you in pointing out the most reliable. Avoid following the crowd when placing your bet.

No matter how much the crowd might feel confident a certain horse will be the winner, stand on your ground as long as you have read some indicators and determined the chances of victory of the horse.