Kentucky Derby Betting

Kentucky Derby Horse Racing

The Kentucky Derby horse racing is an event that has been taking place for over 5 decades. The event takes place annually since 1875. The sporting event is highly awaited each year. Millions of horse racing enthusiasts throws in millions in form of bets while the winner of the event takes home reward of $2 million. All horse racing fanatics dreams of participating in the event.

The Kentucky Derby horse racing is considered the most prestigious event a jockey can participate. It is a game of the professionals. There are a lot of conditions that have been set to be followed by the participants. For instance, only thoroughbred horses that are three years of age can take part in the event. This ensures that all horses taking part in the event are at similar development stage to equalize them.

The Kentucky Derby was started by a legendary jockey called Col. Lewis Clark Jr. Clark was an enthusiast in horse riding. He had travelled all over the world where he had ended up gaining abundant experience in horse racing. Most of his experience was gained when he was travelling in Europe. After he got back to America, he started the derby on his own.

Another less known fact concerns the distance of the track. Originally, horses used to run a distance of 1.5 mile. This distance was later deducted to 1 ΒΌ miles and have remained at that figure since its modification.

The track where the competition is held is named after the person who donated the field- Churchill Downs. Even at the moment, the field remains by that name. It has also remained as the home of the Kentucky Derby horse racing event throughout.



The opening event of the Kentucky Derby was held back in 1875 and there were above 10,000 enthusiasts who had come to watch the event going down. There were also 15 horses that took place in the event. Since then, the field and the event became popular. Other regulations have also been established making the competition even more challenging and attractive.

People seeking to make it to the limelight as jockeys eye this event. Participants are chosen by merit thereby are supposed to fight their way up.